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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Harry Potter: The aftershocks continue

The announcement last week that the Harry Potter books would be available as eBooks is still sending shockwaves through the publishing world. The biggest issues seem to be that Rowling is going to sell the books herself, cutting out the publisher and that the books would be DRM free. DRM is of course the anti piracy software many publishers add to their eBooks and although it is useful to a degree it is much too restrictive for the end user. Readers just don't like DRM.

"If Harry Potter doesn’t need DRM, why does your book?! If you ditch DRM you’ll be able to offer all the formats. You’ll show your customers you trust them and you’ll also make it far easier for them to actually use your content." Forbes Magazine

However the thing with Rowling is that the Harry Potter brand is one like no other and not all authors will be able to interact so easily with fans as Rowling can. Traditional publishers do, however, need to try. Most publisher's websites are inadequate in this new digital age where readers are getting more and more used to downloading books with the touch of a button.

We certainly do live in interesting times.

Below Rowling explains more about Cashermore - whoops sorry, Pottermore:

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