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Friday, 22 July 2011

Washed out British Summertime, Delta Rose and it's the Wild West, boyo

What a week it's been - it should have been a pleasure. Mid Summer and a week spent on location at the British seaside. What happened? In short - rain happened. Ahh, a wash out? Ah well on the brighter side the first review of my novel, The Ballad of Delta Rose appeared online HERE

"Once again Jack Martin takes his ingredients and turns them into a tasty treat. Incident piles upon incident that gathers speed until justice is seen to be done.
If you haven't read Jack Martin then you have missed a treat."  Broken Trails 

My local newspaper, this week carried a feature on the forthcoming movie, LawMaster which is an adaptation of my novel The Tarnished Star. You can find details of the article HERE at Black Horse Express.

I returned home this evening to good news - Robert Hale have bought, Wild Bill Williams - it'll be my next Black Horse title and will see print sometime next year. The letter from Managing Director, Gill Jackson went - We have now had the opportunity to read Wild Bill Williams by Jack Martin which is an excellent western we would very much like to publish in our Black Horse series.  Obviously I have accepted the offer and Wild Bill Williams will see print in 2012.

It's the story of a Welsh cowboy, boyo.

 And so it's back to reality and full speed ahead for The Tainted Archive- next weekend we will celebrate Wild West eMonday (more news on this later) and this Sunday we're back with our Sunday Comics but for now...I'm gonna sleep.


David Cranmer said...
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David Cranmer said...

100% awesome news, Gary.

Oscar Case said...

Congrats are in order! Going like gangbusters, there!