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Monday, 4 July 2011

Is Doctor Who to be cancelled?

The rumour's been around for some time now but no one seems to be taking it seriously. However a reliable source has informed the archive that many of the regular crew don't know if a new series will go ahead or not next year. Usually by this stage in the game the shooting schedule for the next season would have been set up and scripts written, but this year nothing seems to be happening.

The facts are that  the show's overall ratings are down and the public have not taken to new Doctor, Matt Smith in the way they did to David Tennant. The BBC will make no comment on this at the moment but insiders have revealed that the corporation may be looking to a big screen Hollywood movie to continue the franchise.

So will the show be cancelled?

It's a 50/50 chance, I guess.

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Ben Willans said...

Hi Gary,

I wouldn't put anything past the beeb. But the "ratings are falling" stuff the tabloids are coming out with is crap.

The ratings are actually on a par with the Tennant era and in some cases better. That is excluding the iPlayer factor.

Including the iPlayer factor the overall ratings (or "reach") of the show is approximately 1 million more than the Tenant Era. The final "reach" for The Doctor's Wife was over 10 Million.

Basically we have a tory press who are desperate to give the beeb a kicking. Plus inside the beeb there are a lot of jealous and frustrated program makers, witness Trevor Eves comments. Of course he was overlooking the fact that the per episode budget of Who is slightly less than Waking the Dead got and the fact that it brings in far more money to the beeb than any other show (indeed the total revenue generated more than pays for the shows budget).

None of this is to say that the show would not be cancelled. Merely that if it is the "ratings" is a poorly constructed smoke screen for whatever the real reason is/might be.